• Batuloceng Coffee Tour

    Lucky you, even not many locals know this place. This has been the place for the volunteers all over the world to come to and this tour is basically initiated by the volunteer.

    Located at the north, the road to this village is not really good with lot of inclined turns. It takes an hour and half from Bandung, but once you get there, you can see the vegetables and fruits plantation everywhere. Planted beautifully following the river and mountain side, these plantations make an amazing scenery.

    You’d start your tour with tracking to the forest for an hour. Along the way, you would see many types of coffee trees. You would join the farmers harvesting the coffee fruits inside the forest. As soon as you get back to the village, you would do all of the coffee making process.

    After that, you have to peel the coffee fruit to get the beans with a manual machine, then washing these beans and visit the beans drying area. You will learn how to roast the coffee bean traditionally after that, then grinding them into coffee powder.

    You’d have lunch with some locals while sipping your hand-made coffee at the end of the tour. Beside the coffee, there are also some cows and fertilizer producing area that you can visit after.

    Local Tips

    Ask for boots at the rainy day, because the land would not be too friendly with your shoes.
    Ask for the other coffee powder (beside the ones you made), because it’d definitely tastes better.

    Operational Hour
    Morning tour at 9 AM-12 PM
    Evening tour at 3-6 PM

    Price List

    Coffee Tour Package : Rp 150,000,- per person 
    (including meals, tour guide, parking and souvenir)
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