• The Mystical Tangkuban Perahu

    Perahu With an unbelievably beautiful mountain side, covered with mystical fog, Tangkuban Perahu is the most famous Volcano Mountain in the island. An old legend lies within the existence of this mountain, adding the mystical attraction beside the very big crater. You’d probably wonder how a volcano explosion could create such amazing scenery. 

    This God’s creation is located only 25 km from the center of Bandung. It takes one hour to reach this place if the traffic is good. Before arriving at the crater, you have to drive your car in between forest for a couple minutes. 

    You’d be welcomed by many souvenir sellers (you can just ignore them) and many horses vendor. If you are interested, we suggest to either ask your tour guide to ask for the price, or you just bargain yourself if you weren’t with any tour guide. Remember, if it’s more than Rp 25,000,- just for a short ride with horse, or for a small souvenir, it’s not worth! Bargain and bargain, practice your bargaining skill before you come and you can save your money while having the best time of your life! (Look our other feature about How to Bargain in Bandung) 

    Beside a sightseeing, you can also come close to a certain point in the crater and boil some eggs. For us locals, boiling an egg in a volcano crater sounds amazing…until you hear the price of one egg that were sold. No, thank you! My boiled egg in my home would taste better and doesn’t cost me any. After all, the amazing scenery is enough for the journey to be memorable. 

    Local Tips
    Wear clothes with layers. You don’t want to catch a cold just because Bandung city isn’t that cold. Beside the temperature, it’s pretty windy up there. We’re not saying to put jackets on jacket since it’s not snowing, but at least put something else besides t-shirt. Get cold in a vacation maybe doesn’t seem big, but it’d make your trip less fun. 

    Do not wear contacts! It’s pretty sulfur-y up there and from personal experience, it really dries your eyes and you are in a big risk of irritation.

    You’d see a long fence along the cliff, and please, for your safety, do not climb or try to pass the fence. You don’t really want to be a boiled sulfur human meat. 

    If you have issue with breathing problem, you better prepare some maskers or inhaler just in case the sulfur is too strong for you. (it’s okay for people in general, but yeah, who knows) 

    Operational Hour 
    Every day from 7:00-17:00 (Except if the volcano is being active, this destination will be closed) 

    Price List 
    Weekdays domestic entrance fee : Rp 20,000,-  Weekdays foreigner entrance fee : Rp 200,000,-  Weekdays parking fee : 
    - Rp 12,000,- (Motor Bike) 
    - Rp 25,000,- (Car) 
    - Rp 110,000,- (Bus) 

    Weekend domestic entrance fee : Rp 30,000,-  Weekend foreigner entrance fee : Rp 300,000,-  Weekend parking fee : 
    - Rp 17,000,- (Motor Bike) 
    - Rp 35,000,- (Car) 
    - Rp 150,000,- (Bus)
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