• Saung Angklung Udjo, The Soul of Parahiangan Land

    Music is the representation of local wisdom, it represents life values that are embraced by peoples who created it. Saung Angklung Udjo is a Sundanese ethnic music studio located in Bandung city. A rich stories of Sundanese culture lies in this place in the form of music, dance, architecture, food, even a mystic ceremony. This place basically is a center of Sundanese cultural knowledge.

    This music studio is located near the center of Bandung, it takes about half an hour to reach this place. When arriving in this place, you would instantly being “transferred” from the crowded city life into a nature ambience. This place is surrounded by trees and bamboo with a beautiful design.

    There’re a lot of activities you can do in this ethnic music studio. Their main attraction is of course, a concert. They hold a regular concert 7 days a week every 03:00 PM.  So if you want to visit Saung Angklung Udjo, it’s recommended to come around 3 o’clock so you don’t miss their concert. Just buy the ticket to enjoy two hours of ethnical concert

    This international class concert has nine sequences. First you would be served a Sundanese puppet show, in this sequence you might be confused because this sequence is fully used Sundanese language. Just try to laugh when other people laugh! After the puppet show you would watch a Helaran; an ethnic ceremony of Sundanese people a long time ago. This ceremony used to be held when any son of king was circumcised or when rice harvest time. This ceremony mixes music and dance by many kids. 

    Next sequence is traditional dancing. After this dancing, you would be served by 5 sequences that is involving angklung music. Angklung is a traditional music instrument made by bamboo and played by several people at the same time. Don’t worry, in sequence 7 they will teach you to play angklung in the middle of the show. This concert will be closed by a sequence where all of the performers come out and ask all of the audience to dance together.

    This place is also completed with a souvenir shop, restaurant and angklung workshop.  If you came before the concert time you can have a leisure time to have a coffee, shopping, or visiting angklung workshop.

    Local Tips
    -    You should come around at 2 PM so you can spend some time before concert. You can also see the making of angklung if you come around this hour or shop ethnic souvenir from the store of Saung Angklung Udjo.

    Operational Hour
    10 AM-8 PM every day.

    Price List
    Concert Ticket:
    ·         Adult Domestic                 : Rp.60.000
    ·         Adult International            : Rp.100.000
    ·         Student Domestic             : Rp.40.000
    ·         Student International        : Rp.60.000
    ·         Under 3 Years Old            : Free Entry    

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