• Bandung Public Transportation; Angkot

    Just like any other city in Indonesia, Bandung’s main public transport called Angkot. It’s a regular car which is transformed for public use. It could be crowded inside because the ‘maximum’ capacity is up to 13 people (it’s so annoying), but it is what it is. And the fare, you have to use your feelings because there is no official standard for how much you should pay.

    Local Tips!

    Always act like you’ve been in Bandung for a long time (in front of the driver), not a one-time tourist and be confident!
    Always memorize where you get in and where you get off (either the name of the place or building, or the area). This will add the image that you know what you’re doing so the driver can’t mess with you.
    Use the exact amount of money to pay. If it’s Rp 3,000,- then prepare your money. If they say it’s not enough, then the very worst scenario is you add one, or two thousand more rupiahs. It is pretty rare to pay up to 6,000 rupiahs or more except if you take the Angkot from the departure terminal, until the arriving terminal. The very maximum fare for angkot is 8,000 to 9,000 thousand rupiah. If you take them for a very close route, the least you pay is Rp 2,000,-. More than that you have to use your feeling or ask the other passenger!

    How to take angkot?

    Simply just wave your hand and they’d stop and you get in. But before, make sure you take the right one. Learn the color code (we can’t break it down one by one because there is lot of them, just browse the internet by typing ‘rute angkot (your place) ke (your destination))
    If you want to get off the Angkot, say ‘kiri a!’’ (read: ki-ri-a) or just kiri. Then the Angkot will stop and you pay after you get off the car.

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