• Saung Gawir-a Beautiful Sundanese Restaurant with an affordable price!

    We put this restaurant in our itinerary recommendation, why? Because this place is beautiful with a very reasonable price!

     One of the main attractions in South Bandung is strawberry field where people could come and pick strawberry themselves, and here in Saung Gawir, you can do at the beautiful garden between mountains, while you wait for your food to be served. This restaurant has a traditional Sundanese environment; the architecture, the music, the waitress which is so relaxing after a long trip. From the dining area, you can see the calm mountain side and forest, with a blowing wind to your face. This place would definitely please you with every aspect, not to mention the good typical Indonesian food with a good price.

    After your meal, you can go to a very cool coffee shop near the parking lot and enjoy a cup of coffee in a cold weather. Being near coffee plantation, beside of having a very authentic coffee product, this café also offers you a cheap coffee with some varieties. We really recommend this place for you to have lunch and relax before your journey home.

    Local Tips
    -       To have more experience, ask the waitress if you can have the ‘saung’ dining place so you’d sit on the carpet.
    -       Come at Summer time or dry season in Indonesia, so you can see the strawberries grow perfectly.
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