• Floating Market: Bring Local Street Food to a New Concept

    Floating market is a place where street foods are being sold in a boat. This place is a combination of local street food and beautiful nature sight. Floating market Bandung brings you a new way to enjoy street food. This place is a little lake that transformed into a cozy marketplace where sellers use a floating boat to sell their products. You can enjoy many of local Sundanese street food served in this place. Don’t worry, this place is also completed with many spot to sit down and relax. 

    This destination is located in Lembang, just an hour from the center of Bandung city. You would be welcomed with a panoramic green nature sight when arriving. This place looks like a hidden huge drop of water surrounded by mountain.

    The main activity of floating market is the market, obviously. Almost all of the street food here is local Sundanese food. Beside the street food, this place also provides you several attractions like ATV, Pedicab tour, Mini Ranch and Boat tour. To enjoy all of that, you have to pay with a token that can be traded at the gate entrance gate, so you better calculate it wisely if you want to buy something. You could buy souvenir from many shops which mostly sell Sundanese toys, shirt, painting. Etc. 
    This place is for you who want to experience a new concept of traditional market. Don’t imagine it as crowded, smelly one. This place is clean, cozy and well designed. If you come at a non-holiday season, this place is relatively not crowded. You may also want to take many pictures because every inch of this place is designed to be beautiful.

    - Since it's a family-go-to destination, there is no age restriction going to this place
    - This place is not really for a group of men because that'd be weird
    - Please don't go on weekend or public holiday or you'd waste your time on the road

    Entrance Fee
    Weekdays : Rp 15,000,-
    Weekend : Rp 15,000,-
    Car Ticket : Rp 30,000,-
    Motorbike ticket : Rp 5,000,-

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