• The Beautiful Sari Ater Hot Springs

    Just a couple minutes from Tangkuban Perahu, you’d find a big, well designed hot springs. Sari Ater is an integrated area where hot springs, hot pools, hotel, paintball, camping area and restaurant become one. You can see how much attention the management gives to the design of everything there. You can have an interesting journey inside Sari Ater and play from hot springs to another one. From the pool form until a waterfall form.

    You need around 2 hours to explore all of the hot spring spots in Sari Ater. Combined with a cold weather, putting your feet inside a hot water would make your day! You can also swim in private pools, or gather around in the hot river side and have some meals together.

    If you’re easily get bored, Sari Ater also has horses, ATV, Jeep, Go-Car and many other adventurous activities that you can choose!

    Local Tips
    Bring some spare clothes! You want it or not (although you’d more likely to want it), you’d get really wet. You’d be caught up in the atmosphere of nice hot springs and you can’t resist the temptation to swim.
    Go there at night. This is when the local people prefer to go to hot springs, maybe after 8 PM because somehow, the weather makes everything more perfect.

    Operational Hour
    The hot springs open 24 hours.

    Price List
    Weekdays Entrance Fee   : Rp 28,000,-
    Weekdays car ticket          : Rp 25,000,-
    Weekend entrance fee      : Rp 32,000,-
    Weekend car ticket            : Rp 30,000,-
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