• Jl Cihampelas & Riau

    There is no other famous shopping place for tourists like Cihampelas and Riau. Along these two streets, you’d find many (maybe too many) factory outlet where you can find anything from traditional items like batik until a modern sophisticated clothes.

    The difference is the ambience. Cihampelas is so much more crowded with cars and pedestrians, but the buildings have some unique interior design (you can see some unrelated decorations like giant Spiderman hanging on in the rooftop) and there are more traditional items. On the other hand, Riau feels more quite and classy, although you wouldn’t get the fun experience like in Cihampelas. But both of these streets are equally interesting for tourists (and many locals too).

    Local tips
    Bargain! In Cihampelas, especially with street vendor, or the shops with no price tag, the chances that they sell the products with twice or thrice the real price is really high. So, before visiting, learn how to bargain in Bandung.

    Either come early or late. The chances of sellers giving you a better deal are higher in these times. And the crowd is good too.

    Operational Hour
    These shops open mostly between 10:00 to 20:00, some restaurants open for 24 hour.


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