• The Symbol of ASIA-AFRICA Movement

    Gedung Merdeka means Independency Building in English. But it’s not like Indonesia’s independency was declared there because it was clearly declared at Jakarta. At the very beginning of its existence, this building was used as the cultural center at the Dutch and Japanese colonization age. But then, it changed after the independency, this building became the headquarters for fighters against the Japanese troops.

    This is one of the most historical buildings, which is affecting not only Indonesia, but also many other countries in the word because later at 1965, this building became the venue to held the Asia Africa Conference, the very brilliant conference about making Asia and Africa to be independent, without the western. This building is the symbol of the willingness of Asia and Africa, the realization that these two continents are incredibly rich and could be the world’s new axis.

    Today, you can see the flags of these countries in the front of the building, standing there with pride. Inside the building which is now called Asia Africa Conference Museum, there are artifacts and historical items that will tell you about the history of the conference and Indonesia’s independency in Bandung.
    This building is architecturally fascinating with the classic modern-deco design. Although the items were displayed inside are not that attractive, the history that lies inside is priceless.

    Local Tips
    Read more! Before you come, do some research about Asia Africa conference so you could appreciate more the meaning about the building.
    Operational Hour
    Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00-17:00
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    Free Entrance
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