• Pasar Baru, Shopping Paradise for inexpensive goods hunters!

    Do you wanna buy something good but affordable, or do you wanna buy many souvenirs but you are in budget? Then Pasar Baru is a choice.

    Pasar Baru Trade Center is one-stop shopping center in Bandung, located in the center of the city, closed with Alun Alun Bandung and Great Mosque of Bandung.

    There are a lot of shops and tenants in Pasar Baru Trade Center. You can find and buy anything there, such as cloths, shoes, bags, carpet, blanket, and many more. The price itself is more affordable than those sold in the shopping malls. When you buy some of product in dozen is much cheaper than you buy per pieces.

    Pasar Baru is usually crowded especially in the weekend, holiday season, and Ramadan season. In Ramadan season the number of visitors will be increased until 200% compared to regular day or even increased until 1000% in a week before Eid Al-Fitri (The Great Day of Moslim). Can you imagine how crowd this place and how popular this shopping center?!.

    If you feel tired and hungry while you are shopping in this shopping center, Don’t worry! There is a food court on the upper floor with many kinds of food. You can choose what meals do you want. 

    Well, I must said that Pasar Baru is shopping paradise for Bargain-lovers and in-budget shopaholic. [Maryam]

    Tips and Tricks

    When you go shopping at Pasar Baru

    1. Bargain, bargain, and bargain!. Please bargain with the seller to the max. Some of seller offers the goods with very low price, so you don't need to bargain.
    2. Wear the comfy cloths and shoes. I don't recommend you to wear high heels; this is not regular shopping mall anyway.
    3. Shopping in the morning right after the shops are opened. Many sellers give a cheaper price when you are their first customer.
    4. Mind your belonging. Pickpockets are everywhere, be careful!.
    5. Buy in dozen, it would be cheaper than you buy per pieces.
    6. This place is quite puzzling; Don't hesitate to ask the directions to security officers or the seller.

    Operational Hours:

    8 AM – 6 PM
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