• Kampung Cai Rancaupas

    Bandung is surrounded by mountains. And mountains, are a place where hot springs, animals, good weather and forest exist. Located near Kawah Putih, there is a resort area named Rancaupas where mostly have almost all of them.

    Here, you can get in to the deer conservation area and play with them. You may need to feed them first to attract the deer to be closer to you, so for you who have a nurturing interest, this is your place. The environment is relaxing, it’s green as far as your eyes can see and the weather is perfect.

    There is also an outbound area where you can challenge yourself and a small river where you could get on a boat. But please don’t be surprised if you see some people taking a pre wedding pictures here. That just proves how beautiful this place is. Besides that, this place has a paintball area and a camping ground. So if you feel like having a back to nature theme vacation, this place would suit you well. And there are some other interesting destinations around this place. So perfect!

    Local Tips
    Use a sole based shoes! The deer conversation is beautiful, but most of the land is a loose soil. Or you can rent the boots there if you want.
    This place is good for family vacation because this place has it all and it’s safe for kids.

    Operational Hour
    Every day for 24 hours.

    Price List
    Entrance fee         : Rp 10,000,-
    Car ticket              : Rp 5,000,-
    Carrots (for deer)  : Rp 10,000,-

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