• A Colonial Walk in Braga

    Braga is a name of a street, a very old street with Dutch’s architecture. You could see how Dutch’s culture has a big influence in Indonesian life by the buildings in this street.
    Today, the street is still pretty much the same like when the Dutch leaved it, only some renovation in some places which make it more beautiful. You basically can do three type of tour in this street: culinary, shopping, or historical tour. The food there is not typically Indonesian, but people love to hang out at the restaurants here because of the ambience. The shopping itself, there are lot of beautiful paintings along the street that you could buy. And the history, every building in that street has a specific interesting story. Just like one old bakery and ice cream shop called Sumber Hidangan which is so authentic.

    Local Tips
    Try not to visit the street at busy hour, because the crowd would make it less attractive, but once you go at the proper time, this place would felt amazing.


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