• Let’s Explore Bandung!

    You’d probably wonder where in the world is Bandung? Or why on earth we need to visit this place?

    Let me tell you this, Bandung is located in Indonesia, the exact same country that has Bali and Lombok, only instead of surrounded by beaches, Bandung is an urban city surrounded by mountains.

    Bandung has it all (well, except beach); the charming metropolitan life, with the touch of artsy people; music, culinary, architecture and literature, combined with a green environment that produce such a perfect weather. The fact that it’s surrounded by mountains, Bandung has so many interesting destinations with beautiful natural view, there is lot of secrets and history that will make you fall in love.

    Bandung is the leading city in developing balanced and sustainable life in Indonesia. Bandung itself has won many international awards for the past few years for its people’s innovation. Millions of people visit Bandung every year; domestic and international, for business and tourism purpose. Day by day, this city becomes more famous between tourists, so we, a couple of local guys decided to unlock the secrets in this beautiful touristic destination city and share it to the world.


    Weather; Bandung has mountain weather; fresh in the morning, sunny at noon, and cold at night. It has a humid air with the average temperature 27°-31° C. Not that cold, and not that hot, just perfect for travelling.

    People & religion; Bandung is famously known as the city with creative people. There is lot of universities so there are so many youth with creative mind. They often gather and form a community and create innovation, event or movement. Despite being the origin of Sundanese culture, Bandung has a diverse people where every bright mind from all over Indonesia comes.

    The majority of the people are Muslim, so you need to pay attention to what you’re wearing at public place. It’s not that you have to cover all of your body, it’s just it’d be better if you don’t really expose your body that much. We’re open to any culture, but it’d be very cool if you try to adjust yourself with how we usually live a little bit.

    ; It’s not hard to find a public transport (it’s called Angkot here), what’s hard is deciding which one you should take. If you are new to the city, we don’t recommend you to straight jump into a solo journey because it’s tricky sometimes, even for us locals. You have to learn the color code, the fare estimation, the money, or even the route. But if you already learn all of that, you’d be good.

    AccommodationSince Bandung is a developed tourist city, it’s not hard to find hotel, apartment or hostel everywhere or even dormitory. Just browse on internet until you find the best deal, or just ask directly if you want a review of a specific place!

    Food & BeverageBeing a creative city makes Bandung has a culinary attraction for tourist. We don’t really call them traditional because it’s mostly an innovation, but still, people will call it Bandung kind of dish. Even for domestic tourist, Bandung culinary innovation is something you can’t miss because you can find everything in Bandung. Bandung typical dish is flavor-y and spicy so be prepared! [Faiz]

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