• The Beautifully Relaxing Kawah Putih

    kawah putih bandung

    In English, Kawah Putih means white crater. This name comes from the colour of the crater which is, white…ish. It’s not really white like milky white, it’s more like a jewelry emerald, a mix between white, green and blue at the same time, which makes this crater looks even more amazing.

    When you arrive here, you have two options; bring your car inside to the white crater, or you park your car and take a unique transportation called Wara Wiri. The journey to reach the crater is twisting and pretty challenging. If you’re more like an adventurous person, we suggest you to take Wara Wiri because their way of driving is really interesting and fun…for most people.

    At the top of Patuha Mountain, you’d find the breath taking Kawah Putih, literally and figuratively. The sulfur-y air there is pretty dense so you have to be careful with your breathing, but the view will take you to wonder to the magical land. You can literally touch the water at the crater (although you’re not supposed to and it’d give your hand sulfur-y smell all day), that calm emerald water with white sand and dried dying trees, you’d find yourself whether you are in a movie set or not. Plus, the structure of the mountain side looks amazing. This view, with the sound of the water touching the sand, it’s so relaxing.

    One thing tho, the ideal maximum time of visit in the crater is only 15 minutes because the sulfur-y air will start to bother you. But if you visit Bandung, of course Kawah Putih is one thing you can’t miss.

    Local Tips

    Do not wear contacts! The air would dry your eyes and putting you in a risk of infection.

    Wear layered clothes, except if you use to live in a cold and windy place. It’s not cold like the winter, and often sunny all day, but still, put on something else besides t-shirt.

    Bring your own masker or Inhaler!  The sulfur-y air can be smelly and disturbing, so bring your own masker if you thought you’d have problem with that. And, we suggest to not buy the masker on the spot because it’s expensive!

    Use the proper shoes. Sandal is okay, sneakers too. But heels, or wedges, you’d just ruin that beautiful footwear. The land is full of stones and sand.

    Use the crater toilet! It’s not really that big of deal, but the toilet at the ticket box area costs you Rp 5,000,- but the toilet at the crater parking area only costs you Rp 2,000,-.

    If you plan to stay long up there, bring your own food!  You can do many things outside the crater area, so if you can have lunch there too.
    Come early! The earlier you come, the better. The weather in the morning is really lovely and you can really enjoy the place with less crowd.
    Come on weekdays! Simple logic, everyone comes on weekend and it’s going to make the view less beautiful.

    Operational hour
    Every day from 8:00 to 5:00 PM

    Price List
    Weekdays domestic entrance fee         : Rp 20,000,-
    Weekdays foreigner entrance fee         : Rp 50,000,-
    Bringing the car inside the crater          : Rp 150,000,-
    Using Wara Wiri                                    : Rp 15,000,-


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